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Episode 42: Jonathan Hubbell

Jonathan Hubbell is an artist based in Austin. He tells us about his violent, erotic, drug fueled adventures in India.


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Episode 41: Ralphie Hardesty

Ralphie Hardesty talks about ruining Thanksgiving and the perils of online hook-ups. Please tweet @BoyGeorge to unblock Ralphie on Twitter.


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Episode 40: Kelly Stone

After taking a week off for SXSW, The Hollywood Boys are back!

Kelly Stone tells stories about being a hippie mom, childbirth, and weird sex. There's lots of weird sex.


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Episode 39: Brooke Van Poppelen

Brooke Van Poppelen has appeared on Comedy Central and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. She tells stories about a bad gig, karaoke adventures, and hitting her dating rock bottom.

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