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Episode 23: Bob Morrissey

Bob Morrissey is a comedian and Army veteran. He tells stories about training for and serving in the Iraq War.

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Episode 22: Adam Hrabik

Adam Hrabik tells twisted tales about crazy bus people and deviant co-workers. Pat also tells a story he immediately regrets sharing with the world. Lane continues to astound with his pop culture knowledge.

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Episode 21: Andrew Murphy

Due to Pat's recent death, Andrew Murphy is the new co-host of StoryFellers. He talks about his drunken 21st birthday adventure and screwing up at the Funniest Person In Austin contest. Welcome to the show, Andrew!

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Episode 20: Brandie Posey

Brandie Posey is a comedian and co-host of the Lady To Lady podcast. She tells a story about her troubled past with the cast of Full House, and how she managed to see the final Tonight Show hosted by Conan O'Brien. Pat talks about a recent wedding, and picks a fight with a beloved television figure.

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