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Episode 11: Jake Flores

Stand Up Comic Jake Flores explains underground fireworks, beer canons, and UFC fighting techniques.

Check out his album recording Sunday August 4th at 7 & 9PM at The New Movement Theater. Tickets- $7.

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Episode 10: Norm Wilkerson

Norm Wilkerson is the oldest guest we've ever had. He tells us a story about a show he did with Doug Stanhope that almost ended in a federal incident. We all discuss the various fights we've been in over the years, and why standing up to bullies never works.

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Episode 9: Gene Getman

Gene Getman talks to us about his origins as a Russian immigrant who moved to New York City in the 90's. He shares stories about taking acid, going to a mental hospital, and his surprisingly destructive past. He also was a bassist in a punk band, which caused him to meet some very strange people. Spoiler Alert: Sex and other gross things.

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(Gene's mic was slightly messed up for the first two minutes of this recording. Put on headphones and you can hear what he's saying. We apologize for nothing)

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Episode 8: Ben Cholok

Ben Cholok was a semi-finalist in the 2013 Funniest Person In Austin contest. He tells us a passion-drenched story about losing his first love while attending Princeton University (he went to Princeton). He also talks about his 15 year friendship with Pat, and teaches Lane about drag shows.

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Episode 7: Jared Walls

Jared Walls is a comedian, writer, and educator. He tells us about his days as a prison guard in East Texas, and the incident that made him quit. We also discuss the then-impending birth of his twin daughters, and their impact on his performance in the Funniest Person In Austin contest. Ladies take note: we also learn what really gets Lane going.

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There are several moments of audio issues for the first 11 minutes or so, but after that it sounds fine. We promise.


Episode 6: Rob Gagnon

Rob Gagnon is a nice young man. He tells us a story about a bizarre encounter he had while taking some preschool children on a field trip. We also discuss Pat's days as a substitute teacher, Austin dads, and a project that is near and dear to Rob's heart.

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